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In order to receive free vacation stays awarded in The Ball Code Sessions, subscribers must
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What is the difference between The Ball Code Session and other agencies?

The Ball Code Session is one of a kind. Many parents invest in recruiters and trainers to
help their elite athlete get to the next level, however, those are their only focus areas. With
The Ball Code Session Starters Level, not only do you get tips on how to be recruited but
how to recruit colleges. In addition, monthly workout sessions, along with athletic character
building modules such as etiquette dining, playbooks and more.

I’m a parent and I am not sure what to expect throughout the recruitment process. Am I able to utilize your services?

Yes. Not only is The Ball Code for student-athletes but for parents who are unfamiliar with
the recruitment process. There are sessions available for parents.

Do the workout sessions ever consist of face to face training?

No. Everything in the sessions are all virtual. However, The Ball Code does have upcoming
events that includes face to face interactions.

How will your services benefit me (or my child) as an athlete?

My services will make your child easier to recruit. Coaches across different playing levels
share frustrations in having to pass up players because of their attitudes. Or, on the flip side,
players are going places that weren’t a good fit in the first place. My services are very
informational and practical in order to benefit student-athletes regardless of sport.

What are the prices for your services?

There are 3 price levels for The Ball Code. The Starters Level is $47 per month; The Varsity
is $40 per month and The Junior Varsity Level is $35 per month.

I think this is great and want to inquire about bookings for teams. How can I find outmore information about team bookings?

The Ball Code is great for teams, especially travel teams, such as AAU and a great branding
advantage for tournament or camp coordinators. Please email
to book team meetings.

What is the difference between The Ball Code Session and The Ball Code Timeout?

The Ball Code Sessions are continuous monthly courses with tips, workouts (depending on
the level of purchase), playbooks and more. The Ball Code Timeouts are speaking
engagements that are booked according to specific audiences.

What is the difference between The Starters Level and The Varsity Level?

The Starters Level includes sessions for the parents and workout sessions. The Varsity
Level does not include sessions for the parents nor does it include workout sessions.