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- You are enrolled in a program for economically disadvantaged (AVID, TRIO.

- You receive free or reduced lunches as a result of your family's annual income.


- Your family receives public assistance.

- Your family receives subsidized public housing.

- You reside in a foster home.



 - You are in federally funded programs such as Upward Bound.-

- You receive free or reduced school lunches.

- Your family receives public assistance.

- Your family's income is at or below the Bureau of Labor Statistics Low Standards Budget.

- You are a ward of the state.

- You are homeless.

- You reside in a foster home.

Home School

For U.S. or U.S. territory students who are home schooled that are not able to pay testing fees....

-Provide proof of eligibility to your local high school or agency administration.

*Schools/Administrations are the only officials able to provide students with fee waivers. 

NCAA Eligibility Center, 2020-2021

Fee Waivers for ACT/SAT Testing

*Students eligible for a testing fee waiver are also eligible for a waiver of the Certification account registration fee. 

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