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How do you Move Past Sport After the Final Buzzer?

Yes, this is my actual passport; but no, I am not going anywhere (soon). However the significance behind it is worth the read. As a senior in high school, I created 3 goals for being an athlete: 1. Play basketball in college. 2. Sign to a college in Texas. 3. Play overseas. #1 and #2 was easy! I signed to Tyler Junior College (later Stephen F. Austin State University). My senior year at SFA, I hit a low and just knew my 3rd goal was not attainable and the emotions behind realizing playing was over was devastating. #AndThen! I received a phone call from someone in Germany who contacted me after my senior season was over. A team wanted me to play for them in Munich, Germany!! (Come on 3rd goal)!!!!!! We went over all the specifics, such as pay, travel, etc. I'd leave that Friday in November and return April. I'm ecstatic!!! #AndThen...I received a call the next day: IW: There's one question I forgot to ask. Do you have your passport? Me: No, but I can get one! That will not be a problem!! IW: No, no, you don't understand, it takes a couple of months to get a passport. I'm sorry the team is needing you now. We will have to pass. My. Heart. SUNK. I missed my goal. How do I function now "PastSport" because of no "Passport." Well the answer wasn't easy to find but I found it. I'm excited to share my story and strategy to athletes in high school and college about how sport is never over; it just has another definition.

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